Go ahead, get inspired. These people did it, and so can you!

Tina has new confidence and a new lease on life.

“The LAP-BAND® has given me back the confidence that I had lost many years ago. I thank Dr. Aguila for my new lease on life.” — Tina

Michael lost 140 lbs., and no longer suffers from diabetes, irregular heartbeat or sleep apnea.

“I was 54 and a half years old, weighed nearly 300 pounds and had diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. I used a CPAP machine at night and took medication daily. In addition, arthritis began creeping into my knees. My quality of life was about to drop like a rollercoaster as it begins its descent. I have been on all kinds of diets and have lost hundreds of pounds only to gain everything back again — and then some. I had LAP-BAND® surgery with Dr. Aquila. It’s now 8 months later, and I have lost 140 pounds to date. I am now at my goal weight. My life has been given back to me. I have a daily exercise routine of walking, jogging and treadmill. My diabetes and irregular heartbeat have all but disappeared and I have discontinued those medications. In addition, my cholesterol medication has been cut in half. I no longer need my CPAP and my blood pressure has dropped 20-30 points. I have no discomfort in my knees and I am able to do things again that I had previously thought I could no longer do. I now feel confident when I go out in public — not ashamed. I have a whole new attitude about food: it no longer controls my life like it once did. I cannot say enough about the nice treatment, support and positive reinforcement I have received from Dr. Aguila. I would recommend LAP-BAND surgery with Dr. Aguila to anyone who qualifies for this program. It really works!” — Michael

Kevin lost 100 pounds in 5 months, lost his ‘Biggen’ nickname — and gained quality of life.

“Biggen” was my nickname. When family and friends give you nicknames because of how big you are, it hurts. Even though you hide your feelings from others and laugh with them, it still hurts. Everything my family did was centered on food and I took full advantage of it. I ate because I loved to eat, but would feel bad when I kept piling on the pounds. It was hard to hide the fact that I was a big man; there are no clothes to camouflage the fact that you are fat. Low self-esteem was part of my life for as long as I can remember. No matter what I tried to do, my weight got in the way. I always had dreams of becoming a pro-football player. That dream died when I injured my knee playing football in high school. Looking back now, I know that my recovery was hindered because of my weight. I had pain in my knee for years after that. I am a husband and a father of 5-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. Although I could play with my daughter and do some of the things little girls like to do with their daddies, I had problems running with my son and doing the things he wanted to do. Every father wants to be the one that their children look up to. I just didn't want my kids to grow up wishing they had a dad who could do more. I wanted to be everything for my kids and my wife. When my wife told me she wanted to have the LAP BAND surgery, I told her, ‘Not without me having it, too!’ Before surgery, I weighed 344 pounds. Having the surgery has done so much for our lives. I lost a whopping 100 pounds in 5 months. I have lost the ‘Biggen’ nickname and took on two new ones: Skinny and Mr. Muscles. But I've lost more than just weight. I no longer suffer from sleep apnea and my knees don't hurt. I don't experience the fatigue that made me just sit and watch my kids play. I have gained so much. I jog every night. I lift weights. I love to dress up and go out with my wife. Before this journey, I didn't even know what morbid obesity was, let alone that I was morbidly obese. When you think of the word, ‘morbid,’ it means just that — death. Now that I have my LAP-BAND®, I have life.” — Kevin

Erica lost 90 lbs. and serves as a positive role model for her children and patients.

“I am a wife, mother of adorable twins, and nurse. I have been overweight for most of my life. At my heaviest, I weighed 247 pounds, and was still in denial of how big I really was. Being overweight and young was not easy. I was forced to wear clothes that weren't necessarily for young people. When friends my age were wearing two-piece bathing suits or cute little one-pieces, I wore a one-piece with a skirt to hide my fat. I adore my children, but being overweight and trying to keep up with 3-year-olds who want to run and play all the time was very hard. I would get winded just getting up from the floor after playing with them. Instead of sitting on a park bench watching, I wanted to run and play with my kids like most mothers my age. I longed so much to be in the best possible shape for my kids. I also did not want to pass on the same habits that made me fat to them. Being a nurse, you know that your patients expect you to be healthy yourself. No matter how pretty your smile, everyone always looks at your body. I was tired of not being an example for my patients. One day I received a call to become a nurse in a bariatric practice. The day I started there was the day that my life changed. Working in the field of weight-loss, I wanted to be an example for my patients. And, I was excited about having a real life with my family. Dr. Grossbard brought out the person I longed to be my whole life. I'm now 90 pounds down and can run and jump with my kids and my husband (who is also a LAP-BAND patient). My energy level has increased. My outlook on life has improved. I am now the example my children and my patients need. I even bought a bathing suit that shows off my new shape. My husband gave me the best compliment in the world when he told me how good I looked in it. Some may think that I took the easy road; I didn't. You still have to change the habits that made you fat. You still have to take charge of your choices. The LAP-BAND is the tool I needed to help me make the choices to lose weight. I now have the tool to help me fight my obesity.” — Erica

In the three years since her LAP-BAND® surgery, Jennifer has lost 171 pounds.

Jennifer has lost weight with help of the LAP-BAND®.

Winston has lost weight with help of the LAP-BAND®.

James has lost weight with help of the LAP-BAND®.